July 21, 2009

It’s been two months so I suppose a wedding post is due. 😉 How about a picture while I put words to blog. Eep!

Photo by CLC Photography


My Life on Page 6

July 19, 2009

Forgive the rant.

Every Sunday we read the New York Times. It’s a tradition and we really enjoy it, that is until I come upon the Style section and read this regular feature called , “A Night Out With”. They write about a fabulous night in the lives of glamorous people (or so they would have you believe). Making going to the local pub seem as though it’s an international style event. Jealousy? Maybe. Frustration that someone’s lifestyle is thrust upon me as desirable? Definitely. It’s all in how you write it apparently.

I’ve found the key is to name, title and label drop and make everything seem so fabulously fabulous. I do not think I lead a glamorous high-powered life. I help do research, have a neglected yard, watch too much tv, am very lucky Adam drives me to work and hang out with my awesome friends. Oh so chic I tell ya!

So, here is my life a la Night Out With: Laura Swisher

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April 26, 2009

I’m on a roll today.

I’ve spent too much time looking at and am now more convinced then ever that Hollywood is its own planet.  I’m talking purely aesthetics because I can speak of nothing else.  I think that so many people have bad plastic surgery that they no longer know what beauty is and maim themselves trying to reflect the surgeon’s interpretation of beauty and youth.  They all look normal to one another.  Scary for sure.

I cling to this belief that men like normal girls.  That they are happy with their wives, girlfriends, girl across the street.  Don’t ruin it for me ok?

Home Stretch

April 26, 2009

We’re getting to the home stretch with the wedding.  Now that Adam’s move is complete (and we have boxes all over the place – oi!) and the closing is almost done, maybe some of the excess stress will leave too.

I have the dress, it actually came in.  It was so late that I had to start having contingencies.  Luckily I still like it seeing it after choosing it 6 months ago.  The bridesmaids are pretty much dressed and tickets bought.  Now to pick out ceremony music and have my hair done.  So many things leading up to the big day.

Luckily my friend Megan just got married – YAY MEGAN! So she’s been very good about calming me down when I freak out.  I thought I handled stress better than I do but 2 colds and a case of hives later I’m finding out not so much.  I’ve finally settled in to not obsessing so much.  My friend Michael said as long as Adam’s there and there’s drinks for everyone I’m golden.  He’s so right.  Now to try and bask in the last couple of weeks of engagement.  I’m looking forward to becoming Mrs. Adam.


April 8, 2009

Up ungodly early this morning and I’m trying not to go back to bed.  I should be straightening up for furniture arrival this weekend but it’s hard to be motivated.  If I’m not going to straighten I should go back to sleep but then I’ll have that icky feeling you get when you do that.  Decisions decisions.  Also, black counter tops I hate you.  We have acres of them in our place.  I cleaned them off on Monday and already have a nice, visible layer of dust.  Uuuurgh.  Dust rag here I come.


April 7, 2009

April, as we knew it would be, is very hectic.  It starts this week.  Every weekend until the end of the month, one or both of us is traveling.  I get to see my lovely friend Megan get married, Adam’s sister graduates from college and Adam signs the papers and sells his home.  A couple of weeks after, we get married.  It’s so wonderful to have all of these milestones going on at the same time.  Good to keep us distracted from pre-wedding stress associated with final details.

I’m excited.  So many celebrations!  So many occasions to see people I love celebrate accomplishments and joys and I get to wear my new, awesome dress.  It’s a great, jam packed month.  Deep breath and GO!


April 2, 2009

I don’t know what’s up with my body these days but I’ve been going through these cycles of having a fever and then fine and then a fever with an awful sore throat.  Went to the doctor today and it’s not strep despite the wonderful patchwork of white going on back there.  Uggghhhhh.  Maybe, in my advancing years, allergies are causing me a bit more of a problem then they used to.  Right now more advil and a nap.