July 21, 2009

It’s been two months so I suppose a wedding post is due. 😉 How about a picture while I put words to blog. Eep!

Photo by CLC Photography


Role Play

March 30, 2009

I like to play Mrs. Adam.  Some say I already am, living in sin as we are, but playing Mrs. Adam consists of me taking my wedding bands out of their safe place and putting them on.  I usually do this for about 10 or 15 minutes.  I hold out my hand and think about how the novelty of these bands will wear off one day because I will be wearing them for a long, long time.   I revel in its newness and the juxtaposition of it all.  Excitement at both ends of the spectrum – the becoming and the am.

Last night I played Mrs. Adam for a few hours.  Granted I fell asleep and had a long nap with them on but when Adam saw them still on my hand he called shenanigans, “Hey no fair!  You can’t play Mrs. Adam for that long!”  So I have dutifully taken them off and put them back in their case, where they will wait for May and for when I get to be Mrs. Adam for longer than 15 minutes.


April 20, 2007

The sentimentality continues:

Tomorrow is the big day for two good friends of ours.  They’re taking the plunge and getting married.  This seems like the simpler of all of the steps they’ve had to go through to get to this point.  Oh I’m not talking about their devotion to one another or hard relationship times.  I’m taking about the hurdles life has thrown at them.  When they met it was supposed to be a fun date at a mutual friend’s wedding.  But it turned into much more.  After hours and hours on the phone and flying in to see each other (oh yes one was in Florida and the other Missouri) he made the trip of a thousand miles to be with her.  But it was more than mileage, he left a life he had known and loved and was ready for the change Missouri and Julie could give.  And he took that gift.  Seeing them together it was never clearer that two people should be together.  As cheesy as it sounds they are yin and yang combined in a swirl that is never pictured apart.  You can’t have one without the other.  Moving and big life changes included some health issues which they rallied and made huge changes to accommodate their bodies’ complaints.  And have amazingly stuck to them, an impressive show of strength, willpower and teamwork.

So, like I said they tie the knot tomorrow.  Get hitched.  Old ball and chain and the like.  There’s no doubt that the ceremony will be beautiful and all of the stress and tears will be immensely worth it but I know that the piece of paper, the flowers and the hullabaloo aren’t necessary, they’ve been “married” for awhile now.  All of these things are to shout it from the mountaintops, “We’re in love!” and we see it every time we’re lucky enough to be with you two.  So mazel tov and all that good stuff.  We’ll be there tomorrow to shout with you.