January 6, 2009

I’m off to Wisconsin today. I’m not looking forward to the temperatures but being in the field is a unique experience that very few jobs would afford.

I have some laundry to do before I leave which I should get started on so I’m not scrambling before I leave for the airport. Let’s hope I’m not sitting on the tarmac for 3 hours today. The quality of air service has really gone down hill with all of the cuts airlines have had to make.

Ahh well. Balmy Wisconsin here I come.



December 1, 2008

I am still suffering a bit from jet lag.  Three pm hit and all I want to do is lay down on the floor and go to sleep.  Ahhh…

I’m aiming to have all of my Christmas shopping done this week.  Hallelujah!  Let’s see if I can make it happen!


October 20, 2008

It’s fall.  The leaves have started to change and the days are getting shorter.  I love curling up in this weather and enjoying the crispness.  Newton soon will be forced to wear a sweater.  He shivers but refuses to come in from the porch.  As punishment he will be made to wear an orange sweater with a great big pumpkin on it.  Take that Mr. Puppy.

I haven’t written in awhile.  Since August I’ve been to New York City to have fun and visit some friends.  I really love that city.  The Upper West Side is just lovely and September seems to be the perfect time to be there.  I guess October might be better.

I love walking up and down the streets wistfully looking at brownstones with lovely stairs that reach down to the street.  I love seeing parents walking with their children through the city.  I wonder what their childhood experience is like because it is probably much different than my suburban upbringing.  There’s a feeling in that neighborhood, a calm pulse, a more laid back demeanor.  I am not one for Times Square with the tourists craning their heads upward to take in the spectacle, severely crowded streets and people who don’t know where they’re going, wondering into you.  Some people thrive on the energy a place like that produces, me – I’m just annoyed and overwhelmed.

Since August I also attended my first Renaissance Festival.  I was lucky enough to go with Julie and Vinnie and Adam.  Kansas City has a month long fair.  You can actually buy season passes.  This place was huge and had so many things to look at.  We stayed for 5 hours and were completely wiped out afterward.  It was really lovely being able to spend time with friends and experience something completely new.

I’m hoping to keep on top of this blog a little better than I have been.  I have another trip in November that I’m really looking forward to and the Holidays.  I love the Holidays.  But right now I’m going to enjoy the fall weather and breathe in the air while I wrestle with Newton to try and get that pumpkin sweater over his little head.


March 18, 2008

It’s so dreadful outside right now.  I’m hoping for Spring to actually arrive.  When I left Wisconsin today it was snowing so things could be worse.  I think Spring arrives in May for them but they have such lovely summers.  Part of my fear is that we’ll have exactly two weeks of nice weather and then it’ll be 100 degrees.  Ahhh such is life in the Lou.

I’m itching to run away from it all.  It’s a period of ennui that I go through a couple of times a year.  Nothing serious, just wanting a change of scenery.  Of course I always want to run away to the UK.  So interesting.  Ohhhh…wait, as long as this is fantasyland I want to go to France.  I’ve only been once and it was to Paris but je t’aime France.  How wonderful would that be.  Escape for a few weeks with no consequences.  No work pile up, no bills…ahhhh.  I like fantasyland.  I might hang out here until the melancholy passes.  Bien.


September 17, 2007

There is something that I have known about my physical presence for a long time but never really had any consistent witnesses to this particular phenomenon until our current vacation.  When I am in a line, no matter where or the spacing of the other individuals around me, inevitably I will become the “cut-through” point.  Every flippin’ time.  There could be a 10 foot wide gap between two people in line ahead of me and I will still get a long procession of people cutting through the line directly in front of me.  “Excuse me.”  “Pardon me.”  “Do you mind…”  Dear Lord.  It really is uncanny.  I have drawn two diagrams to illustrate just exactly what I am talking about.  One shows what happens in a general line for a museum, the grocery store, anywhere.  The second clearly demonstrates a phenomenon that still boggles my mind.  Wherever I am standing at a baggage claim, all of a sudden that becomes the best place in the world to stand.  Now don’t get me wrong I don’t think I’m strangely attractive in that people are clamoring to be around me.  No, I am not that charismatic.  I have decided it’s because I’m short and they don’t see me so they think there’s this huge hole in the line which the can get through.  After lots of therapy I have decided to purchase a bright orange crossing guard smock and valium for my next foray into line standing.

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September 13, 2007

Weeee’rrreeeee Back (and there’s no spellcheck)! I didn’t kill anyone at the three airports we were in yesterday so that’s an accomplishment. I’ve decided that all tourists are asses, Americans are just louder.

We had a lovely last couple of days in Paris but truth be told, we were ready to come home. Don’t get me wrong, I loved loved loved our vacation. The villa was one of the best parts. We were able to sit back and not have to go anywhere. We hung out by the pool, under the warm sun and looked out over the hillside. Just fantastic.

I really enjoyed Paris. I don’t know that I would want to do a full 7 days there but contrary to popular belief the people were very nice and accomodating. Paris was actually pretty relaxing. There was a tavern at the end of the street we were staying on, Horses Tavern, and we would congregate there at the end of the day for a pint and reflection of the day’s events. Very nice.

I’m hoping to write a more comprehensive break down of the trip shortly but as long as I’m here more pictures! They all seem to be of Paris but all the others are RAW images and Photobucket’s not having any of it.

P.S. I found a Popener! And something even more fantastic, a pope key chain that’s a bottle opener AND a nail clipper. It was like the kitsch jackpot. I pet it nightly.

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Paris Pictures

September 9, 2007

I’ll write more when I’m back and have time. Paris and Rome were a whirlwind of sightseeing. We stayed in the 6th in Paris and it’s a great little neighborhood. It reminds me of the Upper West Side of New York. We stayed right outside of the Luxembourg Gardens.

Boats for Rent in Luxembourg Gardens
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We went to Notre Dame, the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower all in the same day which just happened to be the same day we arrived. We’re nuts. We have resolutely decided not to be that crazy again.

The Seine at Sunset
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