Make Tracks for the Zoo 5k race was today.  There were some logistical snafus on my part and I missed meeting up with my group.  Luckily I ran into Steph during the first leg of the race and we ran together.  Steph very graciously slowed her pace for me and even walked when my out-of-shape ass wouldn’t get in gear.  I like running with a partner – it’s super fun!  I need to get in gear and be able to run better for the Komen race coming up later this month.  Maybe I’ll actually be able to run all three miles – Imagine that.  LOL! 

Gerry took some pictures at the race and I have decided that there is no greater motivator than seeing how big your butt looks on film- greater than any bikini ad or celebrity airbrush photo.  I will be hanging one of these pictures on my door as a reminder of what I want to get away from.  I have also decreed that there are no more pictures to be taken of Laura below the belly button.  So says I.  Can I get a supporting motion?  Aye.  So ordered.  But here’s a very cute head and shoulders shot of the very fit, cute and crafty Steph and me.

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