March 18, 2008

It’s so dreadful outside right now.  I’m hoping for Spring to actually arrive.  When I left Wisconsin today it was snowing so things could be worse.  I think Spring arrives in May for them but they have such lovely summers.  Part of my fear is that we’ll have exactly two weeks of nice weather and then it’ll be 100 degrees.  Ahhh such is life in the Lou.

I’m itching to run away from it all.  It’s a period of ennui that I go through a couple of times a year.  Nothing serious, just wanting a change of scenery.  Of course I always want to run away to the UK.  So interesting.  Ohhhh…wait, as long as this is fantasyland I want to go to France.  I’ve only been once and it was to Paris but je t’aime France.  How wonderful would that be.  Escape for a few weeks with no consequences.  No work pile up, no bills…ahhhh.  I like fantasyland.  I might hang out here until the melancholy passes.  Bien.


Spring – present tense

March 13, 2007

So the spring crazies have hit. I am so insanely, manically happy since the sun has come out and warmed everything up!  It’s scary how fast I cycle from sad and gloomy to completely annoying idiot with just a burst of sunshine.  Yes I know all about SAD and I’m sure we all suffer from it somewhat.  I’m convinced the long hard winters in Northern Europe have made those people the logical, empathetic, slightly odd people they are, but maybe that’s my bias.  But I digress…spring, lovely, beautiful, dress wearing, grass growing, puppy walking spring.  So happy to see it inching its way into March.  Hopefully I haven’t now jinxed it and we’ll see 10 inches of snow next week.  Ah well I’m enjoying the sun too much to care.

And since you can’t have enough pictures of puppies here’s Newton the second day he came to live with us:

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