Run When Chased

October 12, 2011

I have this fantasy.  I believe I can make it a reality but it will take a lot of work and self-control.  The latter I don’t have much of.  It’s this idea that you can have a baby and not even 6 months later, look normal again.  Not bloated, not 20 lbs heavier, but normal.  I’ve seen this happen.  I cannot tell you the jealousy I feel for women who have pictures with their infant and they’re wearing size 6 jeans.  I guess maybe I should start out as a size six and maybe getting back there would be simpler.  Just an idea.

Thirteen months after having my daughter I have finally started to run again.  Now, I don’t know if I can actually say “again” since my running life was a short 3 years.  Anyway, I have 10 lbs of baby weight left to lose and then 20 lbs of weight-that-should-have-been-lost-before-I-got-pregnant to lose.  I could probably stand to lose more than 30 lbs but BACK OFF, I’m trying.

Day one of running was pathetic.  Intermittent intervals of running and lots of walking.  I had on stupid shoes I thought would work and a small playlist of 10 songs.   I at least found out that my route is 1.5 miles long, give or take.

Over the weekend I readied myself to run in the park.  I got Nora and we headed off.  We were apparently a little late since it was overrun with ladies strolling and soccer kids marauding.  I attempted to use the C25K app I had downloaded on my phone but I am one of the few people that this program does not work for.  The shoes I thought would work turned out to be horrible (I had to take ibuprofen for two days my legs hurt so badly) and did I mention the hills?  Nora, ever the trooper, fell asleep during the ordeal.  We won’t even talk about Sunday.  Let’s just say 80 year olds walking their toy dogs lapped me.  Sigh. And did I mention the hills?

So, I sulk on Monday and then Tuesday it turns around. I traded out my shoes for an old pair of Asics I had from back-in-the-day and ran a different course.  Success!  I have no idea how to gauge this, whether it’s a good distance or not, but I think I ran about ½ a mile solid, which may be quite pathetic but it made me happy.  It was what I needed to keep at this.

I am hoping this will stick and by the time we’re ready for Baby #2 my fantasy of zipping up non-maternity pants before my child reaches high school may come true.


Make Tracks for the Zoo 5k race was today.  There were some logistical snafus on my part and I missed meeting up with my group.  Luckily I ran into Steph during the first leg of the race and we ran together.  Steph very graciously slowed her pace for me and even walked when my out-of-shape ass wouldn’t get in gear.  I like running with a partner – it’s super fun!  I need to get in gear and be able to run better for the Komen race coming up later this month.  Maybe I’ll actually be able to run all three miles – Imagine that.  LOL! 

Gerry took some pictures at the race and I have decided that there is no greater motivator than seeing how big your butt looks on film- greater than any bikini ad or celebrity airbrush photo.  I will be hanging one of these pictures on my door as a reminder of what I want to get away from.  I have also decreed that there are no more pictures to be taken of Laura below the belly button.  So says I.  Can I get a supporting motion?  Aye.  So ordered.  But here’s a very cute head and shoulders shot of the very fit, cute and crafty Steph and me.

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One hour and Two minutes

March 17, 2007

(I’m not spell checking this so behold my horrible typing skills and my utter dependance on spell check.)

It’s a very cold St. Patrick’s Day today. Like 9000 other idiots I woke up early and ran a five mile St. Pat’s race in downtown St. Louis. Although I was cursing myself this morning for signing up (I’m not really a morning person) I am totally thrilled that I actually did. In typical Laura fashion I had not been “training” for this race and totally expected my time to be horrible for the mere fact that I expected to be walking the majority of the race.

Well, we woke up at 7:30 and took the metro downtown. Having on running tights and three layers of light clothing doesn’t really protect you from the 30 degree weather I was FREEZING! When we arrived at the race I was astounded to see people in shorts and tanks, green of course, milling about. This is what seperates the real runners from the novices. One way or the other but who can really be sure? You warm up and strip layers as you go but still brrr. I picked up my t-shirt (very UGLY by the way) and proceeded to stand in the half block long line for the porta potty. Aren’t you glad I share such details? Then I was off! Running amongst a sea of green. Manly men running in skirts, towering green hats that people fought with to keep atop their noggins and green boas a plenty. It goes without saying that this was definitely a lively bunch. I’m ashamed to admit that my startegy was a bit weak – run halfway up the hills and then coast down, building momentum to then get halfway up the next. It worked somewhat. I believe I ran about 70% of the total five miles. Gerry was there at the finish line and it was so great to be able to share this minor accomplishment with him. Being the great husband he is, he had a bagel and coffee waiting for me. He’s the best.

It was a great experience. It was nice to be running in an urban environment, when I took the time to look around I would come up a hill and see towering buildings around me. Nice. The people were well behaved (no 10 people long chains to have to get around) and the route was nice and wide. I finished in 1 hour and 2 minutes with an average pace of 11:41(my Nike+ said I actually ran 5.03 miles, getting sround people adds some right?). Needless to say I feel very accomplished today and am so proud of myself. Yay me! But the best part is that I burned 550 calories, just enough for about two beers. You know I have my priorities straight.