August 21, 2007

The beautiful and talented Megsie Ann was in town this past weekend.  It was so great to have her here and so nice of her to come all of the way from the East Coast into the hinterlands of Missouri 😉 

I tried my best to show her around the Lou.  We went paddle boating in Forest Park and braved the four story slide at City Museum.  I showed her around the Botanical Gardens and took her to Olympia, Blueberry Hill and Llewellyn’s.  We made a brief stop at Ironage and came out with a little more metal than we came in with.  Overall a great time.  We had a bbq and introduced her around and sat in the three season room chatting about Tori Amos albums and drinking wine.  Truly, truly fantastic.   

Megan has also made friends with Max.  That my friends is a feat in and of itself and has earned Megan the title of “Dog Whisperer” in our house.  It was so odd having a house guest over and not locking the dogs up in a bedroom or keeping them outside.  Anyway, below is photographic proof that Megan and Max are friends.  Thanks again Megsie for coming.  I hope you had as wonderful a time as I did.  You’re the best!

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Megsie Ann

May 15, 2007

Megan is coming to visit me!  I’m super excited.  MEGAN IS COMING!!!!!