March 3, 2008

My wonderful friend Macy is in town visiting from Philly.  It’s so great to see her and to get to spend so much time hanging out.  I feel as though I’m not the best hostess as I have trouble being a tourist in my own town.  Yesterday we went ice skating at Steinburg Rink.  It’s an outdoor ice rink and yesterday was their last day open for skating for the season.  Oh yeah, it was also 70 degrees.  We had so much fun!  We held hands like a couple of childhood girlfriends, helping each other balance and steer.  We circled the rink many, many times.  I felt like I was a kid again.  There was one spill, it was epic.  I started to go down and since we were holding hands I pulled poor Macy with me.  There was a couple of inches of water on the rink since it was so warm and we both ended up partially soaked.  You could hear the spectators collectively suck in their breath as we started to fall and then laugh with us once we were down on the ground.  It was awesome!  My poor butt hurts though.  It’s still recovering from the spill I took down some stairs at work a couple of weeks ago.  Poor tailbone!  If you ever were under the misconception that I am some sort of graceful flower – well that idea should be blown out of the water now.

We’re thinking about playing pool tonight but the 70 degree weather is long gone and has been replaced with 30 degrees and sleet.  We’ll see if we’ll make it out.  If not there’s always manicure and pedicures and bloody Mary’s.  I am reminded everyday how unbelievably fortunate I am to have such wonderful people in my life.