September 13, 2007

Weeee’rrreeeee Back (and there’s no spellcheck)! I didn’t kill anyone at the three airports we were in yesterday so that’s an accomplishment. I’ve decided that all tourists are asses, Americans are just louder.

We had a lovely last couple of days in Paris but truth be told, we were ready to come home. Don’t get me wrong, I loved loved loved our vacation. The villa was one of the best parts. We were able to sit back and not have to go anywhere. We hung out by the pool, under the warm sun and looked out over the hillside. Just fantastic.

I really enjoyed Paris. I don’t know that I would want to do a full 7 days there but contrary to popular belief the people were very nice and accomodating. Paris was actually pretty relaxing. There was a tavern at the end of the street we were staying on, Horses Tavern, and we would congregate there at the end of the day for a pint and reflection of the day’s events. Very nice.

I’m hoping to write a more comprehensive break down of the trip shortly but as long as I’m here more pictures! They all seem to be of Paris but all the others are RAW images and Photobucket’s not having any of it.

P.S. I found a Popener! And something even more fantastic, a pope key chain that’s a bottle opener AND a nail clipper. It was like the kitsch jackpot. I pet it nightly.

Pictures after the cut:
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September 8, 2007

RIght now I’m managing wi-fi – don’t know how really but oh well. we’re in Venice and i wanted to post a picture but RAW is just too much for Photobucket. We’re having fun and sad that we’re out of our villa. I have a killer Umbrian tan to show off along with a gazillion pictures. Off to maybe get a fvodka tonic before bed. Ciao!


July 10, 2007

If I only bring back one thing from my two week European Vacation, Dear Lord let it be this:

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Behold the glory that is the Popener!


May 28, 2007

Let’s all bow our heads in respect for the death of my LiveJournal account. It was a grizzly death, since I couldn’t figure out how to delete it there were a few friend casualties but I finally did. Bye LJ, I will miss you.

Now onto more exciting news, we have finally set an agenda for our upcoming European Adventure. Now that we know where we are going it makes planning a little easier. My concern is making sure we haven’t packed too much stuff into the time we’re there but I think we’ll do well. A combination of trains, cheap planes and a rental car and we’re golden. How snotty of me but we will be visiting three countries and at least 7 cities. Whew!

If anybody out there has any tips or great places we must see please comment so we can check them out. Right now we’re trying to find affordable accommodations. Each of us is in charge of a leg of the trip so Gerry and Adam best have their A game going. 🙂

Anyway here are some pictures of our stops (in order: Paris, Nice, Todi, Assisi, Florence, Venice, Rome, Geneva)
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I’m back from the work trip. It really was low stress this time which is nice. I have discovered that martinis and me don’t mix. My boss ordered chocolate martinis for us and I finished 1/4 of it and started laughing too loud. Oh dear, getting tipsy, although with this group not such a big deal, but whoa. Needless to say I stopped drinking at that 1/4. Note to self: no martinis on work trips.

I’m off to KC to visit the wonderful Adam. I really have been horrible and have never gone up to see him and he so graciously comes down to see us. We’ll be discussing plans for the possible second week in Europe. Trains, planes and automobiles. Off to check on the mac and cheese!

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend!


March 9, 2007

This is where we are going in the Fall (I apologize for the largeness of the picture. I don’t know how to resize in html yet.):
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Plans are almost set and I’m completely excited. There are many sundresses to buy and comfy/cute shoes to try on. I must brush up on my wines of the region and local cuisine. Oh and the train schedules and stuff. EEEP!

This is the last hurrah trip. This is the dream trip I’ve wanted to take for a long time. A quiet villa in the Italian hillside, hanging out with friends, exploring small towns and eating fantastic food. A laid back atmosphere where everyone can go and do what they want to do, no problem, I just want to eat dinner with everyone – if possible.
Ahhh Italy….
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