March 9, 2008

Well, I was unsuccessful at the all cooking weekend.  Oh well.  Maybe next weekend.  I did attend a cooking class at Whole Foods on Saturday.  I was surprised by the intimacy of the class.  There were only 6 of us seated around a table watching this very young chef cook beef tenderloin three different ways.  It was very nice and pretty inexpensive.  I had a wonderful time but today -ouch!  My stomach is not very happy after the copious amounts of beef I consumed.  However, I highly recommend signing up for one of their classes.  The calendar of events is online.  Check it out.

The dishwasher repairman came.  There was an inch of standing water in the machine and I was afraid to run to “just see” if it went away.  Horrible images of a flooded kitchen came to mind. So the repairman gets here and starts a cycle.  Lo and behold, problem gone.  I felt like an idiot.  Not to mention that dishwashers have this wonderful float that will stop it from overfilling.  Good to know.  I felt super dumb but hey at least I didn’t break the brand new machine.

Off to make german pork chops and spaetzle.  Yum!


I need to stop eating two lunches.  That would probably be a good thing.  I should bring snacks into work.  I was doing that at one point but then I slacked.  The two lunches are not so bad because I rarely eat dinner, or at least a substantial one.  I need to get back into healthy, good eating habits.

Speaking of food – we made chili for Super Bowl Sunday and it was pretty good.  It was sweet with a bit of a kick – add to that sour cream and cheese – Magnificent!  So I also made some Lil’ Smokies (TM) since everyone seems to go ga-ga over them.  Can someone explain this to me?  I am not against the cocktail sized wiener soaked in BBQ sauce (or, if you are not a purist and obviously off your nut, grape jelly) but mention that there are Lil’ Smokies (TM) at an office pot luck and people will re-schedule their entire day so they can get to that buffet table before all the smokies are gone.  I know someone *cough* *Adam* *cough* who batted his eyelashes so he could get into another department’s Holiday party to get some of that smokey goodness.  How can such a small sausage cause such a frenzy?  I am perplexed.  I had a couple last night and they’re not bad but it’s obvious I am missing the boat on something here.   Lil’ Smokies (TM) you are one of the great mysteries in life.