December 30, 2008

We just returned from visiting Adam’s family in Florida. They are really just amazing. They have made me feel welcome and part of the family. Just amazing, amazing people. Our visit was short since we had to come back to moving to our new place. So many big things all converging at once. We have two days of hard work to get through but it will be wonderful once it’s done.

The pups come back today and I’m so excited to see them. Adam’s family has a little Shelty named Wendy and she is the cutest thing. I got to love on her and pet her and get kisses. They had to check and make sure I didn’t try to smuggle her on the plane with me.


Locked Out

December 4, 2008

The back stairs are made out of metal. It iced a bit and the pups were having none of going down the three long, slippery flights to go potty. We decided to take them out front, down the wooden steps inside the building. Much easier for puppy paws to navigate.

We take them out, me and Adam in slippers, freezing in the wind and slight rain. We turn around to go back in and realize neither one of us brought keys. We’re locked out. Fantastic.

I investigate the fence on the side of the backyard. Chain link against wooden fence. I would have to clear a foot or so of wooden fence if I managed to scale the chain link, swaying in its unanchoredness, in my child’s size 5 wool felt slippers. It’s a no go for me.

Adam has knocked on the first floor window and called out various neighbors’ names, to no avail. Don’t really blame them. How freaked out would you be if you heard some unfamiliar voice calling your name outside your secured building?

Adam goes around to check the fence for its climbing properties and disappears. I half expect to hear, “Whoa. Whoa.” *thud* Not because of his athleticism but because of the mentioned unanchored fence.

Relieved,  I see him walking down the steps inside the building to let me and the shivering pups in. Newt’s teeth can chatter and it’s the saddest, most pathetic sight ever. My slippers being soaked and ears about to fall off I’m so happy to enter the warm building’s corridor.

He had hopped the fence by the garage and was attempting to unlatch the gate door in the back when one of our neighbors saw him, and luckily she knows him from puppy bonanzas in the backyard. She told him, “I almost called the cops.” She graciously let him in through her apartment (we had dutifully locked our back door) and he let me in. Thank you Jamie!

As Adam took off his coat in the apartment he felt a sudden breeze. He had ripped his pants climbing the fence. Poor guy. I laughed so hard. It seems that my hero is not immune to cliches.

The Witching Hour

April 25, 2008

It’s shedding season again. Well, to tell you the truth it never really ends it just intensifies. Right now I have free rolling Newton tumbleweeds blowing through my apartment. The shedding is so bad right now that he looks like Pig Pen or better yet Witch Hazel. You know when Witch Hazel would quick dart away and her bobby pins would be left behind floating in mid-air? That’s Newt. When he jumps up on the railing to bark his fool head off at the dogs below a puff of dog hair escapes his body and free floats above his head, gently wafting down to the ground only to be welcomed by 1000 other hairs. They join hands and wander like evil youths around my apartment, content at just sullying the place, not actually toughening anyone up. Ahhh well, the cure is around the corner, broom and swiffer. It’s a cycle that will be repeated ad nauseum but that dog, he’s worth it.



April 10, 2008

For one reason or anohter I’ve had a bit of a rough week.  It happens.  Mr. Newt has been helping out a lot with that though.  I like when he cuddles at bed time.  He’s much more likely to do it in the morning though.  I love his Snoopy yawns.

Two PET scans this week. I should be glowing from the radiation, no?  Ahhh well.  My kids might turn out to have some kind of awesome super powers because of it like flying or invisibility or cutting ponytails off of men who should know better.  One can hope.

I’ve bought and have yet to try an at home glycolic peel thingamajig.  I can’t believe my incredible willpower.  I should have slathered that stuff on my face while I drove home from Walgreen’s.  Self control – who knew I had it?  Maybe tonight I will test it out.  Hopefully I won’t wake up tomorrow looking like I fell asleep on the beach at noon.  What am I still doing here typing – there’s a mask to be tried!


August 21, 2007

The beautiful and talented Megsie Ann was in town this past weekend.  It was so great to have her here and so nice of her to come all of the way from the East Coast into the hinterlands of Missouri 😉 

I tried my best to show her around the Lou.  We went paddle boating in Forest Park and braved the four story slide at City Museum.  I showed her around the Botanical Gardens and took her to Olympia, Blueberry Hill and Llewellyn’s.  We made a brief stop at Ironage and came out with a little more metal than we came in with.  Overall a great time.  We had a bbq and introduced her around and sat in the three season room chatting about Tori Amos albums and drinking wine.  Truly, truly fantastic.   

Megan has also made friends with Max.  That my friends is a feat in and of itself and has earned Megan the title of “Dog Whisperer” in our house.  It was so odd having a house guest over and not locking the dogs up in a bedroom or keeping them outside.  Anyway, below is photographic proof that Megan and Max are friends.  Thanks again Megsie for coming.  I hope you had as wonderful a time as I did.  You’re the best!

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Mr. Newt

May 4, 2007

He’s a mix. Part German Shepherd (mama) part retriever. He sheds and sheds and sheds. I could make another dog out of all the hair he loses. His tail goes in circles. He will come up to you and crawl into your lap, and rest his head on your shoulder just wanting to be petted and loved. He is a 45 pound lap dog. He would be feral if we let him, cowering and lying on the ground when we call him inside. The sun and breeze and people walking by are just too much to leave and when it’s calm outside he lies on the top step surveying his land like a good Shepherd. When I come home he immediately jumps, placing his paws on my shoulders, very gently landing and kisses my face only to lower himself on the ground and plant himself firmly between my two legs. I know that sounds untoward but it’s his way. He’s the type of dog that if you sit on the floor he will sit in your lap. If you pet him while he’s sleepy and then stop he will GI Joe crawl closer to you so you’ll keep petting. He’s the type of puppy that comes up to you and rests his forehead on yours, eyes closed, seeming to enjoy the mere presence of you. I’m crazy about him. Just crazy. Can you imagine what I’ll be like when I have kids?

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Spring – present tense

March 13, 2007

So the spring crazies have hit. I am so insanely, manically happy since the sun has come out and warmed everything up!  It’s scary how fast I cycle from sad and gloomy to completely annoying idiot with just a burst of sunshine.  Yes I know all about SAD and I’m sure we all suffer from it somewhat.  I’m convinced the long hard winters in Northern Europe have made those people the logical, empathetic, slightly odd people they are, but maybe that’s my bias.  But I digress…spring, lovely, beautiful, dress wearing, grass growing, puppy walking spring.  So happy to see it inching its way into March.  Hopefully I haven’t now jinxed it and we’ll see 10 inches of snow next week.  Ah well I’m enjoying the sun too much to care.

And since you can’t have enough pictures of puppies here’s Newton the second day he came to live with us:

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