More Holga

March 10, 2008

I am still struggling with the Holga.  I think it’s actually teaching me to be a little more zen than I am naturally.  You only have 12 pictures and you can’t see what they look like immediately after you take them like you can with digital.  This is teaching me to be patient, pick the right shots, take only a couple at a time.  Breathe in, breathe out.  I will eventually get it and hopefully have some fun pictures to add to my collection.  Right now though I am still learning.  Call me Grasshopper.

I like the vignetting:
Newton in Snow



February 29, 2008

My friend Julie turned me on to these plastic cameras called Holga’s.  They have two F-stops, a plastic lens and take medium format film.  Sounds like loads and loads of fun.  I took my first coupe of rolls completely expecting them to be horrible since there was some to get used to with the camera.  I was right – my test pictures are not so good but I learned from them so that’s a plus.  You should check out Julie’s Holga pics – they’re really good.  Her first time out she hit it out of the park.  Check out her blog – go ahead and click it, you know you want to.  She’s Mamaphunk and the link is to the left.  I’ve included a few of mine – the only ones that turned out half way decent:
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket


July 31, 2007

I’m sitting here listening to Nina Simone. She is in one word – incredible. She is one of the few that can reduce me to tears just listening to her imperfect voice. Beyond her amazing talent in music she was an activist and an ex-pat, spending much of her life in France. It would be too much to make you listen to Strange Fruit. I’m addicted to Sinnerman right now. It’s over 10 minutes long and you don’t want it to end when it finally does. I’ll stick to something upbeat and fantastic, Feeling Good. I love this song and have for years so if you hate it don’t tell me because you’re just wrong. That’s all there is to it.

Enjoy Ms. Simone. I know I do.

(The video is just so you can here the song).

Cheesy Goodness

July 2, 2007

I ate an entire box of Cheese-Its last night.  At least they were lower fat.  LOL!  Because that makes a difference when you eat the whole flippin’ box.  Shut up – it totally does.

My dad and I went to the Ansel Adams exhibit here and had a great time.  I could have done without the wailing woman exhibit in the next room of the museum but hey- modern art.  I’m old and stodgy and some Modern Art confuses and just plain old amuses me.  There are times when I think the artist must have real contempt for people when calling their pieces art.  Yeah, we fall for it every time.  I’ve been to the splendid Modern Art Museum in Glasgow and was genuinely intrigued and engaged with the majority of the pieces there.  I’ve seen Duchamp’s Fountain and understand the idea behind it but am a little lost on the scuba gear painted black displayed one room away from the Greatest Piece of Modern Art Evar. 

Now this rant may leave you thinking that I am completely devoid of any appreciation for art and that, amongst other things, am a total rube.  True as all of those things may be I’m not trying to say the genre as a whole is pulling the wool over too eager eyes but I am not precluding the possibility that some are and have succeeded at it brilliantly.  Just my humble opinion. 

After Black and White Pictures with Screaming Woman we had ice cream. Yum.  That on the other hand was easily swallowed.

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